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Silverstein: 'This Is How The Wind Shifts' kommt bald

Von Oliver 28. Nov 2012, 11:33

Silverstein haben ihre neue Platte „This Is How The Wind Shifts“, ihr siebtes Studioalbum, für den 5. Februar 2013 angekündigt. Erscheinen soll der Longplayer via Hopeless Records und vierzehn Tracks enthalten. Außerdem handelt es sich um ein Konzeptalbum.

"The idea of this album is how a persons life can change forever with just one event.  It is the "what if" that everyone thinks about from time to time.  This album is different from a typical start to finish story concept album, or an album where all the songs have a common theme.  Each track has a parallel track that tells the story in a different light, what would have happened if things were different due to a single event.  The song titles of each parallel track go together, forming a sentence or in some cases two words that relate to each other and to the story.  Overall, the point of this album is not to prove the existence of fate, or to disprove it. It's a discussion of life, of loss, of trial and error, of success within failure, of failure within success, of the struggle between your actions and your feelings, and how those don't always go together. This Is How The Wind Shifts is a journey that jumps around but stays cohesive, with underlying meaning and stories that have a real human meaning and cater to the soul."

 1. Stand Amid The Roar
 2. On Brave Mountains We Conquer
 3. Massachusetts
 4. This is How
 5. A Better Place
 6. Hide Your Secrets
 7. Arrivals
 8. In a Place of Solace
 9. In Silent Seas We Drown
 10. California
 11. The Wind Shifts
 12. To Live and To Lose
 13. With Second Chances
 14. Departures

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