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Filter unterschreibt bei Wind-Up Records

Von Oliver Lippert 26. Jan 2013, 03:03

Wind-Up Records haben bekanntgegeben, dass sie die Band Filter unter Vertrag genommen haben. Die Band arbeitet aktuell am neuen Album in Los Angeles in dem Blue Room Studio zusammen mit Produzent Bob Marlette.

Wind-up Records President Ed Vetri states: "We're thrilled to welcome Richard Patrick and Filter into the Wind-Up family. This is a successful band with an extremely impressive body of work and I'm happy to say that based on the demos I've heard, this new album could very well be their best to date. FILTER is more committed than ever to delivering great repertoire and bringing these songs to life at their live shows throughout 2013."

Adds Patrick: "We're excited to enter a new phase of our career with Wind-Up. They're expecting great things from us and we plan to deliver."

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